Providers of green sound energy platforms for bird and nuisance animal control
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About Us

Founded in February 2016


High-Technology Manufacturing

Provides Green, Non-Lethal Sound Energy Platforms for Bird and Nuisance Animal Control

Corporate Offices- St Marys, GA


Enables Environmental Conservation.

Protects workers from sixty (60) potential avian related diseases.

Can be tactically deployed as needed.

No harm to birds or animals.

Cost Effective

Enables Labor Reduction & Increased Profitability.

Conserves water per bushel of marketable crop.

Green Energy (Solar,LPG) Powered.

Continuous Technology Refresh.

Remote Operation and System Diagnostics.

Market Focus

We focus on the following markets

  • Solid Waste

    Landfills, Transfer Stations

  • Agriculture

    Fruits and Nuts, Berries, Specialty Crops, Row Crops

  • Aquaculture

    Rice, Crawfish, Fish

  • Airports

    Runways, Taxiways

  • Solar and Wind Farms

    Above Panels & Turbine mounted

  • Critical Infrastructure

    Offshore Energy Platforms, Gas and Chemical Plants


Following system configurations available for delivery

Self-contained, cloud-controlled systems

Solar or Generator Powered, cloud-controlled Systems

Pallet based Solar, or Generator Powered, cloud-controlled Systems

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Wildlife Defense Systems, Inc.

1600 Osborne Rd, St Marys, GA 31558